What’s Your Sign: Scorpio Books

Happy birthday Scorpios! If you were born between October 23rd and November 21st, it is your time of the year to shine. Your stubborn loyalty, no nonsense, tell it like it is nature is great when you are on my side, though sometimes it wounds my Leo pride. However, I do not want to be on the receiving end of your hyper observant, suspicious, intuitive feelings. Without you Scorpios, the rest of us wouldn’t get anything done. We certainly wouldn’t have a full view of how to solve a problem in the most practical way. Here are my selections for you!

Secret Circle by L. J. Smith

395923Cassie and her mother move to New Salem, a place run by great historical families. Each family has their own teenager and now that Cassie is back all of the families are represented.  However, this group is freezing her out, even though she is drawn to them. Things begin to take on a magical path and soon the group, or coven, will need to reconsider their wariness of her.

I absolutely love this series. The traits used to describe Scorpios totally reminded me of Faye. While she comes off and crass and unwelcoming, it is  her fierce loyalty and suspicious nature that keeps her and the coven safe. There are some serious badies throughout the series and the coven will need to work together in order to have any chance of surviving.

Nimona by Noelle Stevenson

19351043 Set in this alternative medieval yet techie world, there are heroes and villains. Nimona, a shapeshifter, goes to work with the infamous villain, Ballister Blackheart. The two work together to exact revenge upon Blackheart’s arch-nemesis, Ambrosius Goldenloin, who back in the day cut off Blackheart’s hand. Along the way they uncover a dastardly plan to hurt the local population, becoming Robin Hood like characters.

This is a quirky graphic novel, with interesting twists on typical fairy tales. The lgbt storyline is a fresh perspective and fits nicely within the plot. Nimona is a very persistent side kick. She has many opinions and voices them often, but in the end her intuitive, observant nature makes her right in the end.

The Impossible Knife of Memory by Laurie Halse Anderson
After living on the road with her father, Hayley, is finally forced to settle down in one place and go to real school. Hayley and her father have been driving truck together for years, longing to out run the traumatic events of their past. Hayley’s father is a vet who is dealing with a serious case of PTSD. Hayley loves her father and will forgo her life and future to save her father from himself. However, things may just be getting to be too much.

Hayley may just learn that staying in one place and developing connection with people around her will help her and her father more than she could ever know.

This novel is raw, scary, and moving. I really liked this book and so will a Scorpio. Scorpios are attracted to gritty and darker sides of life. They don’t shy away from difficult situations and they bring in the solutions to solve it. 

Beastly by Alex Flinn

544891This is a modern day re-tell of the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale. Kyle Kingsbury was the popular rich boy, who angered the wrong woman. The witch, Kendra, transforms Kyle into a beast, giving him two years to find love and be loved in return. Kyle cannot fathom how anyone could look past his appearance, so he disappears from sight and finds solace in his rose garden. An opportunity arises when he barters with a robber, who will give Kyle his daughter, if he doesn’t kill him. 

I ❤ Alex Flinn. Her re-tells are the best! This will totally make you Scorpios happy, seeing the vapid superficial Kyle get his due. Perhaps there is something more than appearance. 

Reality Boy by A.S. King
Our world is obsessed with reality TV, but A. S. King portrays a glimpse into the life of reality stars when the cameras are off. Gerald’s actions on camera dictate how people treat him off camera and for the rest of his life. This book is a great portrayal of how Gerald comes to terms with his family and their actions, as well as his own identity. 

This is my favorite King book. This portrayal is so heartrendingly real.  Scorpios will love the gritty style of King, but since Scorpios are also prone to self destruction, this book will give you a great redemption story.

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