Reading with a Side of…

Hi all! It’s Becky. I am a big fan of the holiday season, which in my house (because of a legally binding agreement with my family) starts the day of Thanksgiving. Here is a list of some great holiday books paired with great holiday mocktails to make your holidays a little brighter.


Sleigh Driver from Eating Well

Christmas Peppermint Julep from This Worthy Life

White Chocolate Peppermint Mocktini from Thyme for Cocktails

“Cocktail time” by ambernambrose is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Books to Help Celebrate the Holiday Season!

Snow in Love by Melissa de la Cuz, Nic Stone, Aimee Freedman and Katie West

A collection of four stories about love at the holidays which include: a girl connecting with a cute classmate on a road trip, a Jewish department store elf maybe finding love in the Christmas section of a ritzy downtown store, a high school couple finding the real meaning behind Christmas, and a flirty scavenger hunt through an airport between two old friends that may lead to love.

The Afterlife of Holly Chase by Cynthia Hand

Holly Chase was a modern-day Ebenezer Scrooge. She was visited by three ghosts who didn’t convince her to change her mean ways. Now, Holly is indentured to Project Scrooge, trying to teach others the lessons of kindness. However, this year will be different when this year’s Scrooge is too cute Ethan, who Holly is drawn to for more than work.

Together at Midnight by Jennifer Castle

Kendall is spending her winter break trying to re-acclimate from a semester in Europe, while Max is spending his gap year trying to figure out what to do next in his life. The two have a past together, and when they reconnect in New York City just before New Year’s Eve, they form a connection that is complicated by each of their romantic entanglements.

What books help you embrace the holiday spirit? Add your picks to the comments section!

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