Teen Book Review: All This Time by Mikki Daughtry & Rachel Lippincott

Hey everyone, it’s Sarah!

I absolutely loved Five Feet Apart, so reading the sequel was a no brainer. The cover of this new book was just as gorgeous as the Five Feet Apart cover. While the two stand on their own, it is hard not to compare the two.


Title: All This Time

Authors: Mikki Daughtry & Rachel Lippincott


Kyle has been with his girlfriend Kimberly since 3rd grade. They have been through all the firsts and limped through Kyle’s football ending injury, even as plans were forced to change Kyle didn’t mind because he loved Kim and she was the most important person in his life. However, at a graduation party Kyle and Kimberly have a big fight and break up because Kimberly wants to live her life without Kyle always there. This messy breakup ends in a deadly crash. Kyle survives with severe injuries, but Kimberly dies. Even though they were broken up, Kyle has trouble moving on and living his life. At Kimberly’s grave, Kyle meets Marley, who is going through her own loss. The two find commonality in each other and a new romance begins to bloom between the two. Kyle’s head injury from the car crash keeps giving him flashes of Kim and other hallucinations, how can he live on with Marley when the past keeps pushing in.


This novel relies heavily on the emotional torture of teens. Now typically this trope totally works, so long as the characters are highly developed. Five Feet Apart did have the spark of solid characters, but this book did not share this aspect. I feel like I never got to know Marley or Kyle very well, because I was extremely distracted by the obvious plot twist. I felt that if we had spent more time after the plot twist instead of pretending like we don’t see what is coming, this novel could have developed better.


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