TBR Thursday: The Whitsun Daughters by Carrie Mesrobian

Hey all, it’s Sarah!

Carrie Mesrobian has a way of shining light on untold stories and gritty truths. She doesn’t shy away from the messy or taboo, especially as it relates to sexuality. I am always ready for a new novel by her.

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Title: The Whitsun Daughters

Author: Carrie Mesrobian


Poppy, Lilah, and Daisy are three cousins, who may as well be sisters. Poppy is the grumpy oldest, Lilah is the flighty middle, and Daisy is the baby. These young women have grown up alongside their landlord/family friend’s boys. For a hot minute, Poppy dated one of them, until he sent her a dick pick. This has drawn a division between the families. When the wife of the landlord dies, Poppy and her sisters must put aside some of their differences to attend the funeral. Also, when Lilah is found to be unexpectedly pregnant these sisters are going to need to lean on the boys.

The present is peppered with flashbacks/flashes to a young woman married to a man who didn’t want her and forced to live a life that was outside of her own choices.


The plot of this novel is extremely quiet and very little happens. The book becomes confusing at times, especially in the flashbacks. The language is what truly shines in this book. There were many times I thought that this novel had strong Printz potential. Not only does the language make it feel like literature, the fact that Mesrobian embraces the truth of growing up in your sexuality without leaving instances unsaid. While I think this is an important book with its unflinching portrayals, I think the stark discussion of abortion, periods, and sexuality may push it over the top for it to be recognized by the Printz committee. Have you read this book? Do you think it might be too real for Printz?


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