Middle Grade Book Review: A Game of Foxes and Squirrels

Hey everyone, it’s Sarah!

I am completely having trouble with the awards this year, nothing has struck me as a winner, yet. I have started to grab any and all books that have any buzz around them. This novel has showed up on a few lists, so I gave it a try.

44280976Title: A Game of Foxes and Squirrels

Author: Jenn Reese


Sam and Caitlin are living with their Aunt and her wife, after something bad happened at their home in LA. Sam is desperate to get her family back together. She knows that her parents feel bad for what they did and that they will try to do better. Sam knows that if her and Caitlin just follow the rules and do what they are supposed to, nothing bad will happen. The golden acorn grants a wish and Sam is giving the opportunity to use it, but first she must pass fox, Ashander’s, tests. These tests are extremely dangerous and will require great sacrifice. As Sam gets closer to the acorn, she begins to find that her new living situation might be pretty great on its own.


This was an interesting way to address the concept of familial abuse. It read like an independent movie, stylistically unique and different from the norm. The pictures seemed like an afterthought. I wish that there are been more and that they were more consistent. This is a perfectly lovely book about talking animals. I loved the game as a metaphor. The game actually seems like it would be something fun to play. 


Image 5-15-20 at 9.53 PM Image 5-15-20 at 9.53 PM Image 5-15-20 at 9.53 PM

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