TBR Thursday: Displacement by Kiku Hughes

Hi All! It’s Becky. I put Displacement by Kiku Hughes on the top of my TBR list right after the YMA announcements and I finally got a chance to read this well crafted and heart felt graphic novel.

Title: Displacement
Author: Kiku Hughes
Summary: Teen Kiku learns about her late grandmother’s experience as a teen with Japanese heritage in the United States during World War II when on vacation Kiku is transported back to right after Pearl Harbor was attacked and experience the prejudice and internment of her ancestors.

Review: Over the past couple of years, YA lit has begun shining a light on the experience of Japanese Americans during World War II whose stories had been greatly ignored for decades. Recently released books and graphic novels have told the story of people who had been ignored.  Displacement by Kiku Hughes is one of those books which illustrates the experiences in the Japanese Internment camps through well-crafted narratives and images. Kiku’s travel through time experience is a classic storytelling device used in the best way possible. She is living through what her family experienced and we readers are right there with her. Hughes shows us the divide in the camps, the harsh weather, and how not knowing what might happen impacted the people interned. The graphic novel is informative while being heartfelt. Hughes, also, did a fine job with the illustrations. The art changes from Kiku’s modern-day to the past in subtle ways that highlight the time switch. Also, Hughes plays with panel size to illustrate how the characters are experiencing the movement of time. When the characters feel as if they are being rushed the panels are smaller and more abundant when time would be moving slowly for them the panels are larger and fewer. The art and story come together to make a beautiful graphic novel which I highly recommend.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5

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