Craft Book Review: Crochet Iconic Women by Carla Mitrani

Hey everyone, it’s Sarah!

I know this is completely different than our typical blog post, but I have been having trouble reading. Instead, I have been learning how to crochet and working my way through pattern books. I found this title and have been weaving my way through the iconic women.

Title: Crochet Iconic Women: Amigurumi Patterns for 15 Women Who Changed the World

Author: Carla Mitrani


Iconic women like Emma Parkhurst, Rosa Parks, Greta Thunberg, Queen Elizabeth and Serena Williams are all featured throughout this novel. Using the Japanese technique, amigurumi, or the art of knitting or crocheting stuffed dolls or animals, this book works its way through history. While many of the women I have heard of before, like Audrey Hepburn, others I wasn’t familiar with, like Emma Parkhurst. This book gives a brief introduction to the historical figure and explains why she was included in the iconic set. Each doll has a unique accessory that give her personality, like the iconic pearls or purse.


I love this book. The patterns are easy to use and understand. I have only been crocheting for about a month and I was able to successfully create these dolls. I am working on Rosa Parks next, with hopes to create an informational display of these iconic women in my library. It is a great way to feature important women.

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