Teen Book Review: Love, Jacaranda by Alex Flinn


Title: Love, Jacaranda

Author: Alex Flinn


Jacaranda had a difficult life growing up. She bounced around the foster system after her mother was sent to prison and her aunt couldn’t take care of her anymore. Life is hard, but she does her best working at the local grocery store. After she goes viral singing to her customers, Jacaranda is given the opportunity to attend a prestigious arts boarding school. While the person who donated the money wants to remain anonymous, Jacaranda has his email. Through emails, Jacaranda tells her story. The ups and the downs at her new school, her new friends and frenemies, and the guy she likes, Jarvis. She hopes to one day meet her mysterious benefactor and to show him how successful she can be. This new opportunity is scary and mysterious, but Jacaranda won’t miss her shot.


This was a quick romance. I just felt that it was so quick that I never got to know any of the characters. I couldn’t get behind the romance because I don’t feel like I knew Jacaranda or Jarvis well enough. There was more substance to the frenemy character than the actual main character. I did like certain aspects of the plot. It was cute how Jacaranda went viral. I just felt overall this book was flat.


Image 5-15-20 at 9.53 PMImage 5-15-20 at 9.53 PMImage 5-15-20 at 9.53 PM

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