What We’re Excited About

Hello All!  It’s officially beginning to feel like spring.  What is the best way to celebrate the warm weather?  New books!  Here are a few of the books were looking forward to reading that are being released this April.

Becky’s List:

Kisses and Croissants by Anne-Sophie Jouhanneau
Release Date
: April 6

I love books about finding adventures abroad, and Kisses and Croissants is choked full of mystery in Paris. I can’t wait to read about Mia, an American studying dance in Paris who finds romance and mystery with her French tour guide, Louis. This book looks like it’s going to be a whodunnit filled with romance, and it is on the top of my TBR list.

Where Secrets Lie by Eva V. Gibson
Release Date:
April 20

I loved Eva V. Gibson’s Together We Caught Fire, and I am very excited to read her follow-up Where Secrets Lie.  The book is about Amy that has spent every summer at her cousin’s house, where she spends her days with Ben, her cousin, and his best friend, Teddy. As they grow older, Amy and Teddy develop feelings for one another, and when they act on those feelings destroying all three of their relationships. The next time Amy returns to town, she finds herself in the middle of a mystery when Teddy’s sister disappears. Gibson’s last novel was filled with steamy romance and intense emotional confrontations, and I know Where Secrets Lie will live up to its predecessor.  

The Kindred Spirits Supper Club by Amy E. Reichert
Release Date: April 20

I love a good rom-com, and The Kindred Spirits Supper Club appears to be a great rom-com. The book follows Sabrina, an out-of-work journalist who returns to her childhood home. Sabrina returns to a town filled with ghosts that only the women in her family can see. Sabrina connects with Ray, a restauranteur new to town who she can’t seem to make herself resist. Can Sabrina find love, a job, and help the ghosts in her home? This book sounds like an adorable, fun, romp and I can’t wait to read it.

Sarah’s List

The Backups by Alex de Campi & Lara Margarida

Release Date: April 13th


I was drawn to the cover of this book, with its representation of a diverse cast of main characters. This novel follows three misfit friends, who are touring as backup dancers for a pop superstar. While this may be the role of their dreams, things are a bit more difficult than imagined. The pop star is a challenge to work with and the three get the band into a war with a rival pop group. Will this dream role continue to be a dream?

In Deeper Waters by FT Lukens

Release Date: April 20th


This book is totally giving me Gentleman’s Guide vibes. It seems like a fun romcom, with a magical prince who is kidnapped by pirates. A suave yet mysterious guy is tasked with watching over the prince. I expect romance and hilarity to ensue.

Where the Road Leads Us by Robin Reul

Release Date: April 6th


Hallie and Jack don’t really know each other, but they pair up for a road trip to see their loved ones. Along the way, I expect that they will learn more about themselves and fall in love with each other.

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