Mock Monday: Caldecott

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Bear Island by Matthew Cordell


A young girl loses her beloved dog and gets lost to her grief. While she is trying to do the things she had done before, nothing is as fun. She stumbles upon a bear on her local island and sees a similar sadness in him that she feels in herself. The bear and girl spend time together and gradually their world becomes brighter and they get back to living a happier life.

Caldecott Considerations:

I love how the emotions are portrayed through color. The work goes from browns and whites when the main character is in her grief and becomes full color as she works through it. The facial expressions of the bear feel almost human and you can easily see the emotion in his eyes. This sad book gives readers hope in times of grief.

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Ducks on the Road: A Counting Adventure by Anita Lobel


A family of ducks is on a walk down the road and with each page, the last little duck finds a new friend to stop and stay with.

Caldecott Considerations:

The scenery in this work is truly the star of the show. The new duck friends hide within a changing set of flora. Each page highlights new flowers and trees with a realistic illustrations.

Eyes That Kiss in the Corners

Eyes that Kiss in the Corners by Joanna Ho illustrated by Dung Ho


A young girl realizes that eyes are shaped differently and hers kiss in the corner. She speaks to all of the wonderful things her eyes represent, both culturally and with her loved ones.

Caldecott Considerations:

I love the message of this work. I love the vibrant colors and cultural stylistic choices that were made. I have some concerns with full page illustrations getting lost in the gutter, but to me it seems like they are successfully navigated. Do you have any thoughts on the full page illustrations?

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