Teen Book Review: Never Look Back by Lilliam Rivera


Title: Never Look Back

Author: Lilliam Rivera


A contemporary retelling of the Orpheus myth.

Eura moves to the Bronx from Puerto Rico after her family home was damaged in Hurricane Maria. Not only is she haunted by the destruction of the hurricane, but she is also haunted by a young male spirit, Ato. Growing up Eura played with her spirit friend Ato, but as she wanted to have more friends, Ato became possessive and scary. Eura hopes that Ato stayed in Puerto Rico because she is making new friends and has a new crush. However, when she begins seeing Ato again, she will stop at nothing to protect her new friends.

Pheus is a stellar musician. This playboy uses his talents to get girls, but when Eura arrives on the scene everything stops. Eura seems haunted by something dangerous and Pheus is determined to protect her. Does Pheus have the strength to save his love?


It took me much longer to figure out this was an Orpheus retelling than it should have. This novel was extremely dark, and the blend between fantasy and reality was extremely jarring. I still don’t think I completely understand certain setting points and characteristics of characters. This certainly gave me strong Pan’s Labyrinth vibes. The action was a slow build, which didn’t truly take off until the last third of the book.


Image 5-15-20 at 9.53 PMImage 5-15-20 at 9.53 PM

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