Dragonfly Girl by Marti Leimback

Hi All! It’s Becky. I love a good mystery, and I was excited when I found Dragonfly Girl by Mari Leimbach on Overdrive. Unfortunately, this audiobook was more disappointing than pleasing.

Title: Dragonfly Girl
Author: Marti Leimback
Note: I listened to the audiobook.

Summary: Kira’s family life is a mess. Her father is dead, and her mother is sick. Kira wins scientific contests to help make ends meet. When Kira wins an international prize, she is gets noticed by a famous scientist Gregory Munn. Munn hires Kira giving her a job in his lab where Kira makes a major scientific breakthrough that may change the world and put her in danger.

Review: When I finish reading a new book, I always ask myself, who will I recommend this book to; after I finished Dragonfly Girl, my answer to this question no one. I have a teen book club, and they have grown to be quite offended by the depiction of teens in YA books. I could practically hear their disgusting voices as I listened to this audiobook. Kira is the main character who out Mary Sues the most Mary Sue; she is awkward and declares herself unattractive, but she is also brilliant, and every male she interacts with. Kira makes major scientific breakthroughs but can’t pass English or make friends. She stumbles through the novel allowing herself to be manipulated and betrayed. I may have been able to get past Kira and her painful personality if the plot was otherwise engaging, but I found myself annoyed and bored through most of the novel. The pacing is slow; extraordinarily slow. The set-up of Kira working at the institute takes much longer than it should, with the events at the award ceremony feeling unnecessary and overwrought. The overly dramatic nature of the story continues through the whole novel with Kira’s journey becoming silly and unbelievable. However, the part of the book I had the most difficulty with was the forced relationships. Kira is a fickle creature and grows attached to almost every male who is kind to her. Her affection doled out to people who don’t deserve it and that treat her wrong, but she never learns to not trust everyone. The entire novel comes together to be a book that I did not enjoy, and I will not be revisiting to read the outcome of the cliffhanger ending. 

Final Rating: 2 out of 5

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