Middle Grade Book Review: Starfish by Lisa Fipps

Hey all, it’s Sarah!

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Title: Starfish

Author: Lisa Fipps


Ellie has rules for being a fat girl, the only thing that will help her survive. Most people in her life body shame her, except for her father and her best friend, who is moving away. Ellie’s mother is the worst bully of all, she posts articles about diets and bariatric surgery. Ellie has three main enemies at school, each of whom take every chance to put her down. When Ellie starts a friendship with new neighbor, Catalina, and she begins going to a therapist, she starts to find her true worth and begins standing up for herself.


This author gets it. While the events in this book seem outlandish, they are truths that I have also experienced. I loved Ellie’s journey and the growth mixed with reality. This book makes me want to give a hug to Ellie and it reading it felt like receiving a hug. Sure there could have been more development within the side characters and more added to plot trajectory, but overall Ellie captivated me and pushed this book into awesome territory.


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