For Your Consideration: Alex Award

Hi All! It’s Becky. I’m here to share with you a book that is eligible to be considered for an American Library Association Youth Media Award, which we don’t cover on our Mock Mondays. This week I will be sharing a book that can be considered for the Alex Awards that honors books written for adults with teen appeal. For more information about the award, visit the Alex Awards website.

Title:I’m a Wild Seed
Author: Sharon Lee de la Cruz
Summary: In her graphic novel memoir, Sharon Lee de la Cruz recounts her journey of self-exploration about her sexuality.  Wild Seed highlights de la Cruz’s experiences accepting her sexuality and coming out.

Alex Award Considerations: The Alex Award is for adult books that will appeal to teens, and de la Cruz’s graphic novel has a lot of teen appeal. The author’s journey to accepting her sexuality is relatable and relevant to teens. Also, the author highlights her experiences as a person of color making her journey a story that is not present in many books. De La Cruz’s book fills a void in YA lit, and it will allow certain readers to feel acceptance and comfort. Also, the novel’s illustrations are engaging and make the narrative move quickly and add to the teen appeal. The graphic novel is short, but its message of self-acceptance is important, and it may get it noticed by the award committee.

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