Mock Mondays: Printz Award

Hi Everyone!  Its Becky.  Welcome to Mock Monday: Printz Award.  For anyone not familiar with the Printz Award it is an award given by the American Library Association for the best example of teen literature from the previous year.  You can find more information here. Here is my selection:

Title: The Girl From the Sea
Author: Molly Knox Ostertag

Summary: Morgan has a secret she is not ready to share. Morgan likes girls, and she is afraid for her neighbors in her tight-knit island community to find out. Morgan’s decision to keep part of herself hidden is a challenge when she meets Keltie. Morgan and Keltie grow closer, but Keltie’s mysterious past may keep them apart.

Printz Considerations: Ostertag’s graphic novel explores a teen coming to terms with her sexuality in a way that is accessible to young readers. The book delves into the struggle for teens to be true to themselves and how difficult it can be to come out. The story is relatable and relevant. Plus, Ostertag used Keltie’s experience to shed light on the issue of ocean pollution. The graphic novel gently touches on the issue of ecotourism and is a perfect way to start a conversation about pollution. Also, the art is vibrant and adds to the story. Ostertag has never been recognized by the Printz Committee, but this year they may take notice.

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