Teen Book Review: Muted by Tami Charles

I received this as an ARC through Scholastic.

Title: Muted

Author: Tami Charles

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Denver and her two best friends are trying to make it big as a singing girl group. They take their shot outside of pop icon Mercury’s concert. The girls are then drawn into Merc’s glitzy life. As he begins pressuring them and controlling them, Denver finds herself being pulled further and further away from her friends and family. While it all happens almost without her even knowing, Denver thinks that this is what she has to do to become famous.


This novel relies heavily on the emotional content, so it will appeal to readers who like the drama. Grown by Tiffany D. Jackson came out recently and it offers the same premise. I thought that Grown was done better.


Image 5-15-20 at 9.53 PMImage 5-15-20 at 9.53 PM

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