Frozen 2: Dangerous Secrets bu Mari Mancusi

Hi Everyone! It’s Becky. A friend recommended Frozen 2: Dangerous Secrets, and I did appreciate this book, but I think I wasn’t the intended audience.  

Title: Frozen 2: Dangerous Secrets
Author: Mari Mancusi
Note: I listened to the audiobook.

Summary: In Arendale, sixteen-year-old Iduna is trying to hide. She is the last surviving member of Arendale’s greatest enemies. Hidden for most of her life at an orphanage, Iduna has befriended the Agnarr, Arendale’s next king. Induna and Agnarr grow closer, and she must decide if it is safe to reveal her true self or if she needs to leave the boy she loves and the country that has become her home.

Review: I need to start by stating that I am not the intended audience for this book. I have seen Frozen and its sequel, and I enjoyed both films at the time, but that is where my relationship with the film franchise ends. I listened to the audiobook book of Frozen 2: Dangerous Secrets based on a friend’s recommendation. I enjoyed many aspects of the novel and other parts I didn’t appreciate as much. 

I’m going to start with the good. I enjoyed the character development. Mancusi did a nice job of developing Iduna and Agnarr beyond brief appearance in Frozen 2. Iduna and Agnarr got complex backstories that add to the tension of the present-day storyline that made the book interesting to read. Also, I enjoyed all the little references to the movies. I was amused every time homage was played to the movies by a character quoting a line. Plus, I appreciated the author exploring the parents’ reasoning behind separating Anna and Elsa. In the movie, Anna and Elsa being torn apart very cruel, but Mancusi explains why the parents decided to separate the sisters was the best option.  

However, I did have a couple of issues with this book. I’m not sure what is the intended audience for Frozen 2: Dangerous Secrets.  The book reads like it is written for a younger audience, but the characters are worried about getting married and having children. Young readers may have difficulty relating to those aspects of the book. Also, the pacing in this book is off. The book begins very slowly, and the end is rushed. The average tween reader by give up reading the slower parts of the book. 

Yet, even with its issues Frozen 2: Dangerous Secrets will please fans of the Frozen movies, who will not be disappointed.  

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