Mock Mondays: Caldecott

Hey everyone, it’s Sarah!

This week I will be sharing with you a picture book that I think should be considered for the Caldecott Award. If you are unfamiliar with the award it is given by the American Library Association to the illustrator that gave the most distinguished contribution to children’s literature.

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Title: Have You Ever Seen a Flower

Author/Illustrator: Shawn Harris


Have you ever really considered a flower? Taken the time to truly understand what being a flower is? This book encourages young readers to take time to stop and smell the flowers.

Caldecott Considerations:

The colored pencil illustrations give the book movement, like flowers in the wind. The presence and absence of illustration, evoke key details that enhance the story. I love the vibrant colors and the way this book forces you to get in closer and truly surround yourself with the flowers. This is a gorgeous book that has strong Caldecott potential.

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