Teen Book Review: Hot British Boyfriend by Kristy Boyce

Hey everyone, it’s Sarah!


Title: Hot British Boyfriend

Author: Katie Boyce


After being completely humiliated in front of her new classmates and crush, Ellie jumps at the chance to take a last minute England study abroad slot. While the classes are more difficult, Ellie is determined to get a hot British boyfriend and prove that she doesn’t need her crush. Ellie quickly meets Will and wants to keep him around, so she enlists the help of her fellow classmate Dev to help her learn the rules of cricket. Ellie may just have to become a whole new person to keep Will, but sparks are flying between her and Dev.


While this book wasn’t a perfect romance, with Ellie being a touch annoying. I had fun with the idea of it and the concept of the plot. I loved Ellie’s passion for fairy gardens and thought that the gardening angle was a refreshing aspect.

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