You May Now Kiss the Groomsman by Samantha Chase

Hi Everyone! It’s Becky. I am always looking for a great romance audiobook. I was excited when I found You May Now Kiss the Groomsman on NetGalley. This sweet romance audiobook was a fun and flirty story.  

Title: You May NowKiss the Groomsman
Author: Samantha Chase
Note: I received an eARC of this audiobook from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Summary: Josie Sullivan has watched her two best friends fall in love and find happiness. Josie wants to find that kind of love, and in a moment of desperation, Josie agrees to a fake relationship with her friend Tyler to help him get a promotion. Josie is willing to put her life on hold for a year while she has a fake marriage on paper with Tyler until she meets Daniel. Daniel is charming, handsome, and he wants Josie. There is only one problem; Daniel is Tyler’s brother. Can Josie help her friend and find her happily ever after?

Review: You May Now Kiss the Groomsman was my first book by Samantha Chase, and I was impressed.  You May Now Kiss the Groomsman was a cute romance, but the book felt like something was missing. I enjoyed the romance between Josie and Daniel. Josie and Daniel’s relationship was sizzling with a touch of humor. Also, I enjoyed the relationship between Josie and her friends/ business partners, Skye and Lea. The weakness of the book for me was Josie and Tyler. I never felt like I got to know or like Josie. Several times throughout the book, Josie’s behavior is more annoying than endearing.  You May Now Kiss the Groomsman is the third book in the series, and Josie’s development may be richer for readers of the first two novels. Plus, I couldn’t figure out why anyone would be loyal to Tyler. Tyler was pushy, unkind, and selfish. Chase tells us several times that Josie is an amazing friend, but Tyler doesn’t deserve her friendship.  You May Now Kiss the Groomsman was my first book by Samantha Chase, and while it wasn’t perfect, it did make me want to read more from the author.  

Final Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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