Mock Mondays: Printz Award

Hi Everyone!  Its Becky.  Welcome to Mock Monday: Printz Award.  For anyone not familiar with the Printz Award it is an award given by the American Library Association for the best example of teen literature from the previous year.  You can find more information here. Here is my selection:

Title: Last Night at the Telegraph Club
Author: Malinda Lo

Summary: Lily Hu has never felt like the other girls in her school. Lily isn’t interested in trying to find a boyfriend; she didn’t think she wanted romance. Everything changes for Lily when she meets Kathleen. Lily begins to fall in love with Kathleen, but Lily knows her immigrant parents will not accept her new romance. In 1954 there is nowhere they can be together except the Telegraph Club, where they can be together. Lily and Kathleen dream of being together, but can they find their happiness when the world is against their relationship?

Printz Considerations: Last Night at the Telegraph Club tells the important story of a young woman coming to terms with her sexuality. Lily struggles with accepting her sexuality and goes on a journey of self-discovery to find peace. Her emotional struggle is relevant and relatable to teen readers. Lo’s novel also honestly explores the experiences of immigrants. The author honestly and thoroughly explores the prejudices facing immigrants.  Last Night at a Telegraph Club is a historical fiction novel with an unflinching look at the experiences of the LGBTQ community as well as the experience of immigrants filled with well-written characters and an engaging plot that may get Lo noticed by the Printz Committee.  

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