What to Read Next: The Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

Hi Everyone! It’s Becky.  A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson is one of the most popular books in my teen room. Here is a list of great YA mysteries to read once you’ve finished Jackson’s trilogy.

Everyone in Fairview knows that Andie Bell was killed and that her boyfriend, Sal, was the one that did it. Everyone knows this is true, everyone but Pip. High school senior Pip remembers Sal as being kind, and she can’t believe that he killed the girl he loved even five years later. Pip has made it her senior year capstone project to find out what really happened to Andie all those years ago, but as she delves deeper into the crime that rocked her hometown, she finds herself in danger in a way she never expected.

Eighteen-year-old Sawyer has spent her life living with just her mother. Sawyer never wanted the wealthy family who had kicked her teenage mother out of their lives for getting pregnant. However, when Sawyer’s grandmother appears on her doorstep and offers Sawyer a $500,000 trust to attend the college of her choice Sawyer reluctant returns to the world of her mother’s childhood to participate in this year’s debutant season. If Sawyer can fulfill off her grandmother’s demands, her life will be changed, and she may finally solve the mystery of who is her father.

Stevie Bell wants to solve a murder. In particular, she wants to solve the cold case of the disappearance of the wife and kidnapped the daughter of billionaire tycoon Albert Ellingham in 1936. Now enrolled in Ellingham Academy, Stevie knows she will be able to uncover the clues to solve an almost century’s old mystery.

Audrey Rose Wadsworth is always polite. Audrey Rose is always proper. Audrey Rose is just the daughter of a nobleman, except Audrey Rose, has a habit that is…unsavory. In secret, Audrey has been studying forensic science. She adores her lessons in her uncle’s creepy laboratory, and she is beginning to adore Thomas Cresswell, her uncle’s student. Audrey’s life changes when she joins the investigation of a string of ghastly murders that are rocking the streets of London. Can Audrey find the murderer and help make London’s street safe?

Do you have a great A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder read-alike? Add your favorite to the comments section.

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