Picture Book Round-Up

Hi All! It’s Becky. I have read a ton of picture books over the past few weeks, and here are I found two I would like to share.

Title: Chez Bob
Author and Illustrator: Bob Shea

Summary: Bob is a lazy alligator who just wants to eat birds. Bob opens a birdseed restaurant on his snot to lure his feathered snack. However, Bob’s opinion of birds may change while he spends time with the birds that frequent his restaurant.

Review: Chez Bob has the same fun and bright illustrations as Bob Shea’s other books. Bob is a perfect picture book main character who starts selfish and learns an important lesson of friendship. The book is a blend of silly and lesson book that is perfect for preschoolers or younger elementary school students.  

Final Rating: 4 out of 5


Title: The Brain Is Kind of a Big Deal
Author and Illustrator: Nick Seluk

Summary: Your brain is kind of a big deal. Nick Seluk will explain all the amazing things your brain does and how important your brain is in this brightly colored non-fiction picture book.

Review: Nick Seluk explores what your brain does and how important it is. The book is filled with fun illustrations of the brain and his friends featuring the characters from Seluk’s comic. The book is easy to read, with important information pulled out into highlight sections. The book is easy to understand while also giving young readers a simple introduction to the human body. The book’s back matter includes a glossary and information about animals’ brains that will appeal to elementary students interested in science. The book is brightly illustrated and well formated and would be perfect for older elementary school readers.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5

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