About Bickering Book Reviews

Who are we and what are we here for?

We began Bickering Books based on the fact that we were also talking about books in the break room. Sometimes the discussions would get heated, so we decided to film the ridiculousness. The first book review/video was our most heated, to the point that many others read the book, so that they could see what we were talking about and comment on it. We are both very new to the whole blog/vlog thing, but we love books so much that we just had to shout our opinions to the inter-web abyss.

Hi All!  I’m Becky.  I have been a teen librarian for many, many years.  I love to read all things YA and regularly read over 300 books a year.  My head is filled with random trivia and I can totally kick butt at bar trivia.  I am oddly obsessed with NASA, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Veronica Mars… not so oddly obsessed with all things Ohio State.

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Hi, I am Sarah! I am a children’s librarian, who has always loved reading. I was the child who was always told to stop reading and go outside (or complete some lame chore). I have not stopped reading…and Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 11.43.40 PMwill never stop reading. My life completely revolves around books. When I am not reading, I am participating in one of several bookclubs, or further developing the glory that is my GoodReads account. I average about 300 books (teen/adult) per year, and never knew there were people out there who read more than I do (I am both shocked and awed by those people….ahem, Becky, ahem). I am having a great time with Bickering Books and can’t wait to review more books.