Review Policy

We are open to receiving e-ARCs, ARCs, galleys, and books for review consideration from publishers, publicist, agents, and authors.  We do not guarantee that we will review any material which we receive.  Additionally, we do not guarantee that we will provide a positive review of any material which we receive.  Please keep in mind:

*The blog and vlog are not our full-time jobs.  This is a project born from our love of reading.  We are not monetarily compensated for our reviews.

*We are both employed full-time and may be unable to post an immediate review.

*We try to post at least one video review to Youtube and one written review to the blog a week.

*We both have education and work backgrounds in youth services therefore we only review: middle-grade, tween, teen and the occasional new adult book.  We appreciate offers in other genres but will likely decline these materials. 

*We will consider self-published/indie authors in the above stated genre.

*We post our reviews to the blog, Youtube, Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon

*We always state in our reviews if we have been given the material we are reviewing (eg. Netgalley, Edelweiss, etc.).

*We will only respond to requests which interest us.

*We do not purchase books to review when contacted by publishers, publicist, agents, and authors.

*Our reviews are based on our honest reactions to the book.

*We do not sell the review copies of the books we review.  At times the books maybe passed on to another librarian or reader.

You can connect us through the “Contact Us” link or through our email at