New Book Review: Shadow Girl by Liana Liu

Hey everyone, it’s Sarah!

I got this eARC through Edelweiss. It was one of my choices for our December upcoming books and I am really glad that I followed through and read it.



Mei lives with her mother and brother in New York. Her father ran out on the family and her brother is constantly getting into trouble, so Mei takes on the responsibility of being the steady force within her mother’s life. Mei has finished school and tutors young children to make money for college. She has been offered a lucrative position with a wealthy family the summer before she starts college. Mei will live with the family in their mansion on Arrow Island and tutor the young Ella. The family is welcoming, but Mei attempts to draw hard lines between her and her employers. Young Ella appears to be strange and aloof, her brother is Mei’s age, a hottie, but also a playboy, and there is an undercurrent of tension between the mother and father. Mei does her best and finds ways to help Ella along, but soon after coming to the house seemingly supernatural events begin occurring. Ella is sure that the house is haunted by a young girl, but Mei is skeptical and finds reasons to prove that ghosts aren’t real. This supernatural journey occurs alongside the implosion and creation of families.


This was a meaty ghost story. While I thought the ending was a bit anti-climatic, it didn’t detract from how great this novel was. I enjoyed the characters and story. I thought that the author supplied real emotional struggles alongside the supernatural. This was a quick story that held my interest.



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