Varsity Heartbreaker by Ginger Scott

Hi All! It’s Becky. I was browsing through Overdrive looking with a fun book, and I was excited when I found Varsity Heartbreaker. This book had a lot of promise but didn’t quite live up to my expectations.  

Title: Varsity Heartbreaker
Author: Ginger Scott
Note: I listened to the audiobook.

Summary: June’s best friend through childhood was Lucas, her next-door neighbor, until the day he stopped talking to her for no reason. Now, it’s years later and, June and Lucas are starting to reconnect, and as they grow closer, romance blossoms, but their happiness may be destroyed as family secrets are revealed.

Review: When I first read the description for Varsity Heartbreaker, it sounded like a book I would love. I did aspects of this book, but the book’s drama quickly became too melodramatic for me.

Varsity Heartbreaker is the story of June and Lucas. The two were neighbors and best friends until Lucas cut June off for no reason, and now as teens, they reconnect romantically. The plot is similar to hundreds of other books that I have enjoyed, but it didn’t work for me this time. Lucas was toxic; he was an arrogant jerk to June throughout most of the book. The best way to describe June is that she is forgettable. June is the type of character that a reader can project themselves on because there isn’t a lot of character there. The two main characters interact, feelings grow, and I just never really cared.  

Also, I found many of the plot points to be unnecessarily dramatic. Lucas’s behavior added drama, but it was ridiculous. June’s family history was like the sad back story on a soap opera. Their relationship felt rushed, with the two characters turning on their feelings like they were turning on a facet. Also, the big reveal as to why Lucas ended his friendship with June the reason was unbelievable.  

Parts of this book were fun, and the story moved quickly but, for me, it wasn’t satisfying.   

Final Rating: 2.5 out of 5     

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